About me!

Hi! I’m Lindsay. I like food. Except for bananas… I strongly dislike bananas.

 I was a chubby kid with a propensity for combining random ingredients is a giant bowl – non of which was really edible…

My updated food obsession began while studying abroad in Lyon, France. There I decided to give up business school and instead became the honorary chef for my dorm. Soon my crazy concoctions become edible and I developed my love of all things food (and art).

LinzerTart started as a way for me to share my cooking experiences and has turned into a deliciously indulgent way for me to release creatively. All of the recipes are spawned from the depths of my head (unless otherwise noted).

As terribly trendy as it may seem, I do try to cook only gluten-free foods. Nearly all of my recipes are gluten-free or easily adaptable using gluten-free versions of an ingredient (like oats, and oat flour – both are normally tainted with gluten, but are available gluten-free). I’m not a celiac, my system works better if I avoid gluten. If you have any questions about an ingredient leave me a comment!

Why “LinzerTart”? When I was little, one of my favorite things to do in the morning was go to the local bakery with my mom so she could get her coffee. I would usually get to choose a special treat and often chose linzer tarts…because I thought my mom named the jam-filled cookies after me, linz being one of my nicknames. My whole childhood I thought these amazing cookies were named after me. Alas I was mistaken, but it does make for a good blog title!

 All I need in life is my heart (Paul), my dog (Albus), my stove, and my garden…and maybe a good glass of wine.

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