Fresh Eggs from the Backyard Chickens, and Lemony Pasta Goodness.

For the past two weeks I have been living with my grandkin in New Lebanon, NY – about three hours north of the city.

You may remember my previous rants about want to get out of the city, well I’ve finally made a move to make this goal a reality.  I have not permanently left my Brooklyn roots, but I will be staying up here for the majority of my time – three week on one week off kind of deal.

So far it’s been…

…great! I have driven the lawn mower – which as my Grandpa said, makes you feel like a fighter pilot or Luke Skywalker taking out his first TIE Fighter! I have been tending to the chickens each morning and putting them to roost at night. I have been walking the dog without a leash and letting him roam free in the fields. And of course I’ve been cooking. A lot of eggs.

I have become so spoiled by walking across the yard and plucking a fresh egg from a nest for breakfast. If you have the opportunity to buy really, truly fresh farm eggs, under a week old do it!

Grandma and her chickens – there are 11 in all, nine big ladies and two little Silkies

The shells are all different shades of white, brown, and blue! The yolks are the most gorgeous color of bright orange, you can practically see the nutrients – especially when you compare them to the supermarket eggs most of us grew up with. I had no idea what I was missing! The word for really fresh eggs is luscious. They will add richness to any dish or indulge in a perfect fried egg with a creamy runny yolk…and bacon, always bacon (I know that was random, guess I’m getting hungry…again)


Now rather than giving you recipes for regular egg dishes, i.e. breakfast, I decided to make something a little fancier. It’s a cross between garlic and oil spaghetti and spaghetti carbonara plus lemon.

I call it “Lemon, Garlic and Oil Carbonara”:

1lb gluten free spaghetti – quinoa pasta is my preference!

6 cloves of garlic – roughly chopped

3 tbsp’s olive oil

1 tsp coarse salt

zest from three lemons – about four tbsp’s

juice from three lemons – about ¼-½ cup

20 turns of fresh cracked black pepper

1/3 cup chicken stock (veggie is fine)

¼ cup water

2 eggs – the fresher the better!
Sautee the garlic in olive oil and salt over low heat until it’s soft, but not browned. Add the lemon zest and let it sizzle for a minute. Next add the lemon juice, pepper, stock and water stir over low heat then allow to simmer for 5 minutes.

Toss in the cooked pasta (cooked to your liking according to the package) and let the flavors meld together as you mix it in over the heat. Turn the heat off after two or three minutes.

Crack the two eggs over the hot pasta and toss to cover each bit – the heat will cook the eggs through so you don’t need to worry about salmonella. If you’re really worried, just leave off the egg and add a little bit of butter to make it creamy and rich.

Serve with grated Parmesan and another few turns of black pepper and some red pepper flakes if you like things hot.

Yum. Easy. Yum.

Disclaimer: the pasta photos are a little…crappy. I waited just a few minutes too long and lost the good light, but the pasta itself looked beautiful and was full of flavor. You’ll have to make it to see what it should look like! Here are more chickens instead.

It’s really quite wonderful here :)




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