Getting Ready to Camp! Recipes for the Road.

What do you pack for a month-long road trip across the country? If you’re anything like me, the answer is food. I’ve spent the last few weeks scouring for inspiration. I’ve come across recipes from the simple find a stick and spearing a hotdog onto it to the complex need to bring your whole kitchen camping with you. I’ll settle for something in the middle.


Because we are going to be on the road for so long (we’re heading to my best friends wedding in Seattle!) I’m thinking frozen sauces, soups  and prepped accouterment is the way to go – basically my thought is that I’ll have the flavoring ready to go and we’ll pick up the meat on the road, with the exception of the first few days worth.


One tidbit I picked up was, of course, on Pinterest. I’m beyond obsessed with Pinterest! Use the link on the top left to check out my boards – they are numerous and vast!  But back to the tidbit. a fellow Pinner claims if you freeze fresh herbs in olive oil they will stay good and won’t become waterlogged the way they would if you freeze them alone or with water.


I am VERY excited about this concept! What could be better than foil chicken with an oil-ice cube with fresh rosemary? all the work is done and the flavors will melt and cook right in!



Today I prepped my trays with many different kinds of herbs, some chopped tomato, and some freshly roasted garlic (yum – see bellow), poured over the olive oil, covered with plastic wrap (incase they spill and so that the flavor doesn’t permeate into my freezer) and froze those little bad boys up!


Rosemary and Roasted Garlic



Tomatoes, Basil and Roasted Garlic



Thai Basil, Roasted Garlic and Lime Zest



All with the Olive Oil Poured over


I wait patiently now. The next step will be to assemble some pre-packed foil packets with chicken and shrimp, freeze those and load the cooler at the last possible second before we head out on the road!


Roasted Garlic:

Place 6 whole heads of garlic in a loaf pan and bake in the oven at 335’ F for about an hour or until a sharp knife will poke through with ease.


Allow the heads to cool until you can stand to touch them with bare hands. Cut the bottom off a head then squeeze the softened garlic, from both ends, into a bowl, be careful not to add any skins to the bowl, repeat with each head. Smash it with a fork to get a creamy consistency.


This is a kitchen staple! Use it in pretty much anything, mix it mayo for a sandwich, use it in stir-fry, spread it on bread with a little butter and parsley for a quick garlic bread…you get the idea!


5 thoughts on “Getting Ready to Camp! Recipes for the Road.

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  2. Jenna

    Awesome!!! I saw this on pinterest too and you’ll have to tell me how they turned out… they look really pretty, you should pin it too :)

    1. Lindsay Post author

      Not well if truth be told! I had them frozen solid before we left and surrounded by layer of ice, but after two days of driving they melted before I realized I needed new ice!

      The good news is that I can still use the herb infused oil – only instead of easy to use cubes I’ve been drizzling with a spoon.

      Still delicious!

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