Fourth of July Picnic and James Taylor at Tanglewood.

The past few years have brought on uneventful fourth of Julys. To be perfectly honest I don’t really remember what we did…other than eat mass amounts of some sort of meat. Though again it’s more a hazy fog of burgers, pork, and hot dogs than a specific tantalizing bite. This year was a little different.


There was very little meat to speak of – just a few slices of ham and prosciutto. Otherwise, Paul and I had a very relaxing fourth at Tanglewood in the Berkshires, sitting on a red, white and blue sheet, eating a random spread of foodage, and listening to the so-close-yet-very-far-away songs of James Taylor. Neither of us are particular fans of James Taylor, but my grandma gave us the tickets and the picnicking part sounded like a great way to spend an evening.
So I hastily packed our cooler with a few essentials – forks, a steak knife, a spoon, napkins, two empty Tupperware containers, and water. and we headed for the market.



There we picked up tomatoes, avocado, shallots, lemon, tortilla chips, prosciutto, ham, provolone, greek yogurt, bread (I know it’s not gluten-free this time), watermelon, basil, fresh mozzarella, and wine! I also snagged a few packets of salt and pepper – they usually have these in markets that have ready to foods. much easier than packing my shakers, and they’re free!With our strange assortment of edibles we drove on to the concert, parked on a crazy steep hill, found that everybody else had been there at least three hours before we arrived, and found a patch of grass behind two buildings to spread out, enjoy the view, and listen to the music from a far away stage. Oh and people watching! It was great.



Picnic blanket Guacamole:

1 avocado

1 shallot – cut into thin slices don’t worry about even slices if you’re in a park

½ a lemons juice

A handful of cherry tomatoes – cut in half

Two little packets of salt (about a tsp)

Two little packets of pepper (about a tsp)


Place all into a tuperware and shake until destroyed (in a good way)

Eat with tortilla chips or on a sandwich or just bread…or with a spoon.









A couple things to take note of from my “packing list” I forgot a cutting surface, so I ended up using the top of my Tupperware. I forgot plates, or any sort of eating surface, so we just did without. and I forgot cups, so I ended up sawing the top off of one of our water bottles after chugging the water and we drank our wine from the butt of the water bottle. I only travel and eat with class.




Quick awesome all-purpose dip/spread:


1 small container of greek yogurt

½ a lemons juice

1 little packet of salt (about ½ a tsp)

1 little packet of pepper (about ½ a tsp)

about 6 leaves of fresh basil – torn into strips/small pieces


combine all in a tuperware and shake until combined.




Park Pork Sandwich:

Crusty Bread

Provalone cheese slices

Black forest ham – nitrate free!


awesome all-purpose dip/spread (see above)

Basil leaves









Caprese Bites:

Fresh Mozzarella – any size is fine, if big, cut to bite sized pieces (in water is better here)

Bunch of fresh basil

Cherry tomatoes

Water – to rinse things that need it


Stack and eat.




Watermelon Salad:

pre-cut watermelon

Fresh Basil – torn into pieces


Open the container of cut watermelon. Sprinkle over the basil….yeah, that’s it.




Next time I might sprinkle just a little bit of salt on the watermelon to bring out more of the flavors. I am a big fan of salty-sweets. Otherwise this turned into a very memorable picnic! Of course you don’t have to make all of this in the park. I just enjoyed the challenge/didn’t plan ahead properly, but everything we made was very easy to put together and tasted fresher in the great outdoors!


It was a good day :)




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