Herb Butter

Butter. Butter. Butter. Butter.




And when you add greenery to butter it makes it healthy, right?… ok maybe not, but it certainly does make it extra irresistible. Now I’m not the first to create a flavored compound butter, but I will beep my own horn and say that this one is particularly tasty. The combination of herbs lightens the density and the zest brightens everything…you can almost fool yourself into believing it is healthy! Almost.





My Herby Butter:

A heaping tbsp of each – roughly chopped





Heaping tsp each – roughly chopped:


Lemon zest


1 stick of unsalted butter – cut into 1” cubes



Combine all in a food processor (or smush all together with a fork) until the butter is whipped (soft, airy, and spreadable without being too melty)


Serve on warm bread sprinkled with coarse salt.



The herbs are fresh and summery, and the zest gives the unifying flavor that makes all these strong tastes meld together in yummy, buttery, harmony.


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