Double Chocolate Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

Sometimes you just need a cookie. And sometimes you just need that cookie doubled and surrounding ice cream, i.e. ice cream sandwich. I recently needed two incredibly rich, yet somehow still airy and light, cookies enveloping Ben and Jerry’s wonderfully amazing Cherry Garcia ice cream – a personal favorite. I had salad for dinner…you know, for balance…and then I ate two sandwiches… You may have caught on that I really like cookies…



The base:

1 cup gluten-free Oat Flour

¼ cup cocoa

1 stick of Butter – room temperature

½ cup Brown Sugar

½ cup White Sugar

1 egg

1 Tbsp Cinnamon

1 Tsp Baking Soda

1 Tbsp Coarse Salt

1 Tsp Vanilla

¾ cup gluten-free rolled Oats


The adjustables:

¾ cup Chocolate Chips

6 chocolate truffles –cut into small pieces

¾ cup Dried Cherries – tart cherries, not sweetened


1.) Preheat the oven to 350’ (f)

2.) Whip Butter

3.) Add sugar and vanilla- cream into butter

4.) Add egg to mixture

5.) Separate bowl- combine flour soda salt cinnamon

6.) Slowly add flour mix to butter mix

7.) Stir in oats, and the adjustables – these are the ingredients to play with, i.e. different fruit, nuts, or whatever you think would work (I have a plan to try an oatmeal chocolate bacon cookie)


8.) Cover the batter and put it in the fridge for about twenty minutes – especially if it’s warm in your kitchen, this is really important. Form into 1-1 1/2’’ balls and place on a parchment lined baking sheets leaving about 3’’ between cookies. Gently press each ball into the sheet to prevent rolling as they begin to cook.


9.) Bake on parchment just till tops look  just a little crunchy – approx 5-8 minutes – the middle will look a little undercooked, not raw, but a finger poke will not show a firm cookie.


10.) Let the cookies cool on the baking sheet for five minutes before moving. They need this time to solidify and almost dry out so that they don’t crumble when you pick them up.


11.) While your cookies cool take your ice cream out of the freezer so that it softens up a bit. When they are cooled scoop a generous amount of ice cream onto one cookie and press down with another one…EAT!


Pure joy. No regrets.


These make me really happy, and would be a great follow-up to any meal…or a perfect midnight snack ;)




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