Fried Okra…more salty goodness.

When I think of BBQ, or the South, or things that I find super tasty, I go straight for fried okra…mmmm.

Of course the biggest problem with fried okra is given away in its name…fried, and usually breaded and deep fried at that!

Well, drum roll please, I’ve broken that rule! Still fried, but no longer breaded or deep fried- much less oil and no extra calories from breading! I’d even still be willing to call this a vegetable!

This recipe is super tasty and ridiculously easy- though perhaps a bit tedious.

Start with a bunch of fresh okra- I haven’t tried this with frozen okra, but I don’t think it will work because of the water content in frozen veggies. 

All you do is cut off both ends of each spear, then cut lengthwise into quarters (the photos show the pieces cut just in half…this was a lazy mistake as they didn’t gain that wonderful crispiness like they usually do)

Heat a skillet with a few tablespoons of olive oil on high heat. Carefully toss in a handful of the cut up okra and let it fry up, shake the pan and let them brown off on both sides- adjust the heat if they start to burn.  When they are sufficiently browned- about half browned and half green- dump the okra onto a paper-towel or paper-bag and toss with coarse salt. Keep going until you use it all, adding more oil before each batch.

You need quite a lot of fresh okra to get a full bowl, but these are a wonderful substitute for regular chips! And similarly- at least in my case- the whole batch will be gone before you know it…


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