Sunday Dinner – Chicken Saltimbocca in Virginia

Tis the season to start traveling!

This week we drove down to Virginia to visit my grandparents. Their house is on an inlet of the Chesapeake Bay. Bright sunny warm weather, kayaking in the backyard, and walking around on the old crab docks…what could be better?

….and now I’m back in Brooklyn and it’s raining and I’m finding it hard to write….sigh…I’ll start with the photos and let the beauty of the weekend flow back into me before getting to the food…

Grandma’s garden: Turnips (top) and Onions (bottom)

Wild Asparagus


Old Crab Shack; Pop-pops watching for birds; Morning coffee on the dock

The next door neighbor grew gourds and dried them to make these bird houses

Dunes; the dock

Crab; Ladybugs on the beach, hiding in a pine-cone

Sunrise on the bay

Ahhh….That’s better.

and now on to the food.

Chicken Saltimbocca is a dish that I have been wanting to try for a while – I have no reason for having not attempting so before – and it was delicious!

What could be bad about chicken, mozzarella, and prosciutto? That’s right, nothing!

Chicken Saltimbocca:

4 thin cut Chicken Cutlets – tenderized with a meat mallet/hammer until a ½ an inch thick

1 large ball of fresh Mozzarella

1 package of Prosciutto

1 can baby Artichokes – not marinated

5-6 tbsp’s Capers

Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper 

Heat a bit of oil in a skillet on high heat. Salt and pepper the chicken on both side and brown – about 5 minutes on both sides, like always the goal is to only flip the meat once!

Transfer the chicken to a baking sheet – you want to use one that has walls, or line with tin foil and create walls by folding up on each side and pinching the corners together. 

On each piece of chicken place a generous slice of prosciutto, then a generous slice of mozzarella.  Pepper the top of each piece and place the tray either in your broiler or in the oven on 450’ (f). 

When you put the chicken in the oven, tear up the artichokes and place, along with the capers, in the same skillet that you browned the chicken in on med-high heat.  Add more oil if they start to stick too much.  I like these to brown a little and gain a bit of a crust, but really you just want them warmed through – personal preference prevails!

The chicken should be ready after about 15 minutes in the oven or about 8 in the broiler – when the cheese is nice and melted, and started to bubble and brown. Let the chicken sit for a few minutes so that it sets – like hot pizza, if you move it too soon all the cheese falls right off and you have to reconstruct, those extra five minutes are worth the wait. 

Transfer the chicken to a serving tray – don’t overlap, as they will stick together – pour the artichokes and capers evenly over the top of the chicken. Et Voila! 

I served this with my roasted tomato and garlic quinoa and roasted asparagus. 

Hopefully the rain will stop soon and the gloom will leave, so until next week, stay dry and enjoy!

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