A Great Way to Start a New Year…We’re Engaged!

On 12/31/12, my Paul asked me to marry him…I said yes…then tackled him in the snow.

We’ve been dating for just over three years and have talked bout marriage, so I sort of knew it was coming, but I was still surprised!

He asked me in the Pittsfield State Park in Pittsfield Mass. There were two feet of snow on the ground – nearly untouched. A bright sun providing just enough warmth to make it comfortable. And I was in a terrible mood (until I knew what was happening). Paul made me get out of the car “to take a picture” and I grudgingly shuffled my way out and over to his side, where he did a strange hopping dance and said he was nervous and asked if I was too…then I figured it out, but was still really confused!


That was one of those moments that you wait for your whole life and when it happens, you almost can’t enjoy it because you don’t know it’s happening!


Even trying to remember a week later to write this I feel like a little kid playing make believe. But I also know how lucky I am to have found my Prince Charming.


Moving forward:


We have the date, August 31st, 2013, at my grandparents house upstate. The goal is to make it the best wedding ever for a very modest budget.  I’m a crazy DIYer so I could never submit power to a planner! So far we are moving right along. I have me pinterest boards all set up with attire, vendors, DIY decoration ideas, and more. Found the caterer I (I mean we) want. Am looking into having the wine sponsored. and have my crazy awesome giant binder to keep me organized!

Not to mentioned my awesome bridal party, who are already on top of the game!

With any luck we’ll have a bright sunny day, but either way Paul and I will be starting our lives together with wonderful people, food, and a lot of love :)

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